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The current betting system that I am trailing with real money, is Bethawk.

My aim here is to see if I can  grow the bank  with a minimal starting point and the use of a betting bot (Bet Hawk) and while Sticking to a diverse portfolio.

Sounds so simple, but will it make money?

Lets see..

Multiple bets in the same race is a common form of (investment) betting that has realy started to kick off since the traders discovered betfair.
You win more often with multibles and the returns are lower but the main factor is always value for money, In the past multibles have not been recommended for optimum gain, and the smartest way to bet was ‘one horse one win’ however it is also commonly believed that dutching can be a vital tool, with dutching the stake depends on the odds of the bet and the total of the odds for all bets in the same race, a bet is only odds on if any one off your bets wins and it doesn’t completly cover your losses, generaly avoid this type of bet but not always – It can help to cut your losses if your betting on several high odds outsiders and also the Favourite.
Note : BetHawk will not place Odds on bets and always tries to get the best price. (odds)


Key Factors to this Betting Bot System:    An Automated Betting Bot (betHawk)
* A Diverse Portfolio (I rely on their systems)
= Value for money (see also R.O.I)
Large draw down

The story so far: The portfolios have performed well in the past, but things change and bethawk have moved with the times and updated the systems.
In my short trial of the software the results have been unspectacular and I am keen to see how the new systems perform day to day.
The software itself is very easy to use and solidly reliable, it just has what you need and nothing else and never misses a beat. The Bethawk team seem very motivated and proffesional and seem willing to change with the market.  BetHawk has no affiliate option, so you know that information about the product is usually not spam.

* Diverse Portfolio – While diverse in some ways, many of these systems overlap, meaning several

selections in the same race, leading to large draw down – however this should not be a problem if most of the systems perform well.
= Value for money – Even a bet with very low return can still be value for money, in fact any bet that has already won is instantly value for money 🙂

So, what do you think, how have you done with betting bots?
Please help me out with any polite opinions or things that have worked for you,  I would love to hear from you and it would be greatly appreciated, Thankyou!


Coming up: My OLBG  System Trial

1. This is for a place, there must be between 8 and 16 runners.

2. Free selections are selected by OLBG  site with the following

3. Odds must 1.25 or above or no bet  (there can be 2 selections in the same race)

4. Selections must have a 30% minimum number of tips

5. Selections must have 60% or more confidence.

Staking increases by 1.5x  on every loss
First bet         .10
Second Bet    .15

Staking increases 2x on every loss
Third bet          .30
Fourth bet          .60
Fivth bet          1.20

Staking increases by 3.5 on every loss
Sixth bet               3.60
Final bet              12.60     – Make or Break Stage! – Reset.

Note: this staking plan is very risky and this is not a money making venture,
I am not suggesting you try this and it is done purely out of interest.
This is just to try out some settings and contraversial staking plans. (dalembert, martingale, fibonacci )

I am going to automate most of this using The Staking Machine but you could easily do it manually by getting the tips from OLBG and using Betfair and by using Gruss betting Assistant or ultimatly The Bet Engine.
Why do I use The Staking Machine when I believe The Bet Engine is superior in the placement of bets?  ( The Staking machine wins for analysis)
Answer: Its because I own The Staking machine so its cheaper.

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Best of Luck to all!

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